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Top Tips to Make the Move with Children Easier

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Moving home can be a difficult adjustment for children. The change in surroundings, area and friends can often cause a lot of confusion for them. They can often feel lost, so you must ensure that you involve them in the process as much as possible. These top tips can ease the transition for them and make your life easier too:

Sit Them Down

If they don’t know already, why not order a takeaway, sit down together as a family and explain the changes that will be happening. Make sure you highlight all of the benefits that can make the process easier. For example if you are moving to a bigger house, explain that now children can have their own rooms, or they can decorate how they want.


Now is the best time to get rid of any items you don’t need. You do however need to be careful that you are not getting rid of things that are familiar and provide comfort to them. This can cause a lot of hurt and confusion for them. With smaller children explain that they are getting bigger now and don’t need certain toys. Let them choose things they definitely want, a pile they don’t want and a maybe pile which you can go through together. The things you don’t need to take can be sold rather than thrown away so you have a bit of extra cash for your move. This can often be an incentive to older children, so they can keep the money from the things they don’t need.

Get Them Involved

While you are packing you are likely to be extremely busy, children can often feel neglected during this period so by keeping them involved they won’t feel ignored. Let them, have their own overnight bag which they need to pack with a change of clothes, toiletries and a few toys to keep them occupied. Also, when packing things like the kitchen, give them a list of jobs to do so they feel needed and important.

Talk About It

Make sure you are always available if children want to voice their concerns. It can be a confusing time for them and often they can be worried about the move. Make time for them to explain what they are worried about so you can reassure them in the best way possible.

Moving Day

Moving day can often be stressful and the last thing you need is to be worrying about children whilst looking after everything else. Ask a friend or family member to look after the children for the day or even overnight so you can sort the new house out before they move in. Older children would probably want to be more involved, so let them be in charge of their belongings.

Give Them a Tour

When the children arrive give them a tour of the house. It is probably a good idea to introduce yourself and your children to the neighbours, that way they can get aquatinted with the new kids and make friends.

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