Nov 3 13

Professional Help for Your Local Move

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When you need a favour such as babysitting or a lift, most people call their friends or family. Moving house however, is completely different. If you have a number of friends and family trying to work together to pack and load things into cars, chances are something is going to get lost or broken. You may think you’re not moving far so it will be fine, but moving house whether you are moving around the corner or to another city, needs organisation and experience. Fortunately for you we here at Five Oceans Moving possess both of those skills as well as many more.

When moving locally it is often easy to forget the little things such as packing in a systematic order, keeping items going in the same room together and labelling things. By ensuring these things are done whilst packing and before you leave, it will make the unloading and unpacking much easier.

Five Oceans Moving tailor your move to meet your specifications. We can provide help with packing, or if you want to do it yourself we can provide boxes and packing materials. When it comes to your moving day we are efficient and professional. Because of our organised structure we are able to keep and load boxes and items that should stay together, this helps us and you to keep track of items that need to go in each room of your new home.

We have experience in packing and transporting fine art, antiques and fragile items, so you can be sure that your possessions are handled with care. Being a family run business you can be sure that all of our staff can be trusted with your possessions. We understand the importance of ensuring that all of your possessions are loaded and stored carefully and safely.

So if have decided that your belongings are too important for you to risk any breakages or loss with the help of friends or family, make sure you contact us here at Five Oceans Moving today. We offer our local services in Oxford, Whitney and Oxfordshire, as well as providing our services across the country and internationally. Call us today on 01865 349017 or get in touch via our online form.