Nov 3 13

5 Tips to Make Moving In With Your Partner Easier

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Moving in with a partner for the first time is always an exciting yet scary time. There so much to think about and so much that has to change so that the two of you can live happily ever after. Whether you are moving in with them or you are both getting a brand new place together these top tips can help:

1. Discuss everything: Before you move in you should discuss all of the mundane things like finances, ground rules and housework. These are important and should be decided on before you move in together so that if there are any disagreements, they can be sorted as soon as possible.

2. Make it your own: If moving into a new home make sure simple decorating ideas are chosen by both of you. Compromise in these situations is essential, remember this is going to be your new home, so you want it to be something you both love. If moving into their place redecorating is still a good idea. This will change it from being their home to both of yours. With your input you can put your stamp on the place to make your presence known.

3. Sort through your things: Remember the space is going to be much more limited than you having just your belongings in a house or flat. Duplicate items such as dishes, cutlery, and furniture aren’t needed. Selling these items can give you a bit more space in your new home as well as giving you a bit of extra cash.

4. Pack early: By keeping everything organised when you pack it will be much easier when unpacking. Remember it won’t just be your belongings; there will also be your partners. If you are moving to a brand new home, trying to distinguish the difference between your boxes and their boxes can be a nightmare, so make sure you label everything. If you are moving to their place the area is already likely to be filled with things, so bringing in a load of boxes is going to make it much more difficult to find anything.

5. Relax: Finally once everything has been sorted out and you have unpacked (well mostly) you can kick back and relax on your first night of living together officially.

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